How To Select The Best Quality Wooden Furniture And Tables?

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It can seem to be very confusing when you about looking at wooden tables in a shop or in an online first it can seem to be very complicated when judging the quality of the wooden furniture. However the reality is that in order to judge the wooden furniture you do not need to be an expert. All that you need to know about is the material of the wood used to make the wooden table, the construction of the table and the finish of the wooden furniture. Getting to know some common terms that are used in wooden materials can help to make the task easy.

Source of wood
When you go buying for wooden furniture you will come across different kinds of wood. They are hardwood, softwood or engineered wood. You need to pay a lot of attention to the kind of wood that is used in constructing the wooden table. The wood material used is an important factor to consider because it determines the durability of your wooden furniture and also how it will age.



The best quality wooden tables are made up of hardwood. Hardwood is sourced from deciduous trees which are maple, oak, teak, cherry, walnut or birch.

The hardwood is produced by first air drying and then kiln drying the wood in order to remove all the moisture from the wood.

There are softwood varieties too that are sourced from the coniferous trees like fir, pine, cedar or redwood. They are also of good quality but they require higher maintenance as they are more prone to dents and scratches.

When you go about looking for solid wood furniture you may not find any. They are now passé. It is more common to spot wooden tables that are made up of engineered wood or plywood. The material is not bad as it stops splitting and warping. When these woods are made with veneers of high quality they look attractive and also last long.


Wooden furniture construction

How a wooden table is constructed can affect its beauty in a number of ways. It can also affect the functioning of the wooden furniture as well as its durability. The quality of the wooden table can be judged by its sturdiness and its joinery.
Dovetails, tenon and mortise are some of the oldest ways of fixing the furniture together and they are not only visually appealing but are also strong. The good furniture joints may have screws and dowels but they will not be stapled. Also the good quality wooden tables will use glue which will never show on the outside.

The corner blocks add to the stability as well as to the strength of the wooden furniture. They cannot be seen when you look at the furniture from the outside. They instead bolt on both the sides of the corners towards the interiors.
Also if you look at the back panels these should be screw attaches that help them to be stable laterally. The back panels face the walls and they are sand smoothed as well as fitted well. When you look at the furniture pieces that are of very high quality, you can see this on them.



 Wood finish

It is not rocket science to guess that the wooden furniture that are of high quality will also have a very good finish. The process of making any wooden table includes staining, sanding and finishing and if any of this process is neglected it can affect the quality of the wooden table. The finishing process is of utmost importance and sanding is the initial of the finishing of wooden furniture. When you go buying for wooden furniture, run your hand over the piece and you should not be able to feel any rough surfaces. If a piece is sanded across the wooden grain then the result may not be very appealing. There may be lines and scratches visible on the surface. When the furniture is not stained properly it will stain unevenly. You can look at the furniture piece form various angles which will let you look for blotchiness.
When a wooden table is stained well it improves the beauty of the product and also adds character and colour to it. When the staining is of high quality it will not have any dark spots. All the sides of the table will be of an even tone.
When you look at wooden furniture with a high quality finish it will be smooth and will not have any rough spots or bubbles. The finish will be rich and when a piece is of a very high quality, then its underside will also be finished well.


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